Curtains, Add Warmth and Color to Your Home

Beautifully furnished interiors transform the entire look and feel of your home. The color choices you make and the way you organize things, reflect your personality. Furnishing your home is not an easy task to do - it takes a lot of planning, patience, creativity and budgeting.

Curtains are home furnishing products that completely renew your home. Apart from insulating your home and safeguarding your privacy; this also adds elegance and vibrant colors to your home to beautify it. The curtains you choose for your home should complement to your wall color, your home accessories and the basic look and feel of your home.

There are different types of curtains, such as:

Rod-Pocket: These curtains do not need rings; they are made with a casing at the top that slips over a curtain rod. They're usually tailored for its straight look and are great for making the curtain look like it has been integrated into the wall as the rod is nearly invisible. Such curtains are also called pole-pocket drapes.

Tab-top: They're popular for their ease of use whilst opening and closing. They also look very decorative and are great for setting a casual tone. They have loops at the top of each curtain panel, where the rod is passed through.

Ring-top: They're usually hung on curtain rings which are attached to the curtains at intervals across the top. The curtain rings are design-centric and decorative.

Grommet-top: They're a relatively new type. The curtain rod passes through the large grommet rings and usually used in a study rooms, a lounges or at offices.

Thermal: They act as insulators keeping out sun completely, thanks to the extra lining. They offer protection against heat and cold. They also provide great privacy.

Sheer curtains: These curtains allow a certain amount of light into the room and still provide privacy. Sheer curtains are bought in excessive widths, usually double the width of the windows

Window Curtains In Vadodara

Apart from the different types, curtains also come in different colors, fabrics and prints. It is important to know your window size before placing an order for curtains. An ill-fitted curtain looks very ugly and unpleasant. You get ready-made curtains as well as tailor stitched curtains, depending on your window/door size and shape; you can choose the best one.

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